About Us


          We started off as a small architectural firm more than 40 years ago, and has been constantly growing and staying strong.

          The projects from the past 4 decades, depicting our diverse design capability, the services we provide , not only architectural and structural engineering design also on related work. e.g. engineering consultant, and Construction Supervision.

          Our portfolio ranges from small building to high – rise building, and many other design.

Single houses, town houses condominiums, apartments and wide range of housing projects.

Hotels, restaurants,shophouses and factories, especially office building.

we have many design expertise emphasise on hospitals and medical facilities from ministry of public health, number of projects in this field of our specialisation exceeded a dozen in the past decade.

Our company is responsible for the planning of governmental complex in 3 provinces in Thailand.

          The goal of our company is not merely design a well-rounded building, but the determination to reach the ultimate goal of creating an excellent living and working environment.

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